twitter // content strategy

In July 2015 I began working at Twitter as a Content Strategist on the Brand & Creative Studio team. My job took many forms; from producing content at live events to round-the-clock social strategy. Between my experiences in digital, social, and design, I feel confident in my ability to turnaround high quality content in a short amount of time.

Much of the work I did revolved around demonstrating the power of the stories on Twitter and delivering that content to a number of teams with different needs and audiences. I worked diligently to evolve and improve designed collateral and executed several creative activations and experiences highlighting the the live nature of the the platform.


Social content // @Twitter

I worked on a team that consisted of strategists, producers, designers, and animators who focused on creating original content for social at the day-to-day, event, and campaign level. The team's objective was to support, demonstrate, and execute best practices for its partners and to drive Twitter users to the best content and experiences. Here are a few examples of the content that was posted day-to-day for various "social holidays."

News & politics campaign // @Twittergov

I participated in Twitter's 2016 News & Politics campaign covering the elections, spanning from party nominations to the inauguration. I contributed to the live marketing efforts around the debate live streams and attended the RNC, DNC, election night, and inauguration day in order to create and manage content for multiple teams at Twitter.  

sxsw // @Twittermovies, @Twittermusic

Twitter hosted a diverse group of musicians, marketers, actors, artists, executives, and partners into their space on Rainey Street at South by Southwest and I led the content effort. I engaged with Lively in order to handle all of the production and partnered with our sales teams in order to engage with talent and colleagues. The result was incredible, short form, high impact content that demonstrated the power of Twitter for and with its partners.