st. john's family farm // copywriting

Client: St. John's Family Farm

Designed by: Olio Studio

Designer: Anna Hurley

Photography: The Dieline

Olio is one of my favorite studios to work with. When they tapped me for a copywriting opportunity with St. John's Family Farm, I was stoked. Growing up, my family raised chickens, so putting words to the experience was a real treat for me. Throughout the process I learned the labeling around our foods and farms is super inadequate. Farms that boast "free-range," often still don't let chickens live their best lives (and in turn produce their best eggs).

But St. John's Family Farm is one of the good guys, with straight up luxury conditions for their hens (and damn can you taste the difference). So, myself and the Olio team collaborated and created a whole new vocabulary to embody the St. John's hens lifestyle. I built on the concept of "nature-intended," and did my best to express how the eggs are equal parts ethical and delicious. Incredible teamwork here. Now distributed throughout The Bay Area! Get some the yolks are like, orange...! Yum.